Some of My Stories

Jocelyn is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild.  All of her plays are available for production.  They include:

Blackwood – A high-language interpretation of three of EA Poe’s short, humorous stories.

SubUrban Legend – Murder, sex, and falling pieces of SpaceLab in McMansion USA.

The Ornamental Hermit – Abolitionists risk everything for one final rescue in Antebellum South Carolina.

I Kissed Elvis: The title says it all.

Whiteout:  A white separatist struggles with the loss of his son while being handed the keys to Armageddon.

Burning Down the House:  Two friends travel to Provence and discover wine, love and devastating truths.

Freakmakers: A neurosurgeon attempts to make peace with the horrors of her childhood which was spent in a traveling Freak Show.

Private Gods:  Wealthy Millennials in Manhattan push the boundaries of their privileged lives.

Jaws of Life: A young HIV-positive woman is abandoned by her family while she declines in the system.

Vladivostok Blues:  A fiery telenovela star is kidnaped by a crazed fan while making a personal appearance tour in Russia.



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